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Born in New York and currently residing in Hollywood Hills, Yomtov has lived, studied and traveled all over the world.  


At an early age while living in Mexico, Yomtov began drawing.  Later, after graduating with a degree in Art from the prestigious San Jose State, Yomtov embarked on a livelong journey into the arts.  The cultures, vibrant energy and art scenes of Barcelona, Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Florence, and Rome embody Yomtov's final works.

The idea of the "Draw My Dream" originated from a client who was expressing to Yomtov what they wanted drawn....a dream picture of their dog.  Yomtov's passion is to draw each client a customized picture that will last in their hearts and minds forever.  Yomtov can capture the essence of your special pet or loved one. The final piece will bring life and energy into your home each and every moment.

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